2021 Essays and Opeds

Gerald M. Steinberg, Space war and lessons unlearned, Jerusalem Post, November 21, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Palestinian NGO Terror Links: Assessing the Implications of Israel’s Designations,” Fathom Journal, November 2021

…..Reply to David Davidi-Brown (NIF-UK) on the Israeli government’s designation of six Palestinian NGOsFathom Journal, December 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg,Willful Blindness on the Palestinian NGO Terror Connection”. Jewish Journal, November 10, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, Memories of Kristallnacht: By a second generation survivor., Jerusalem Post, November 4, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Antisemitism today requires more than words to fight”, Jerusalem Post, October 14, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Celebrating” 20 Years Since the UN Durban Hatefest, Jewish Journal, September 7, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Hamas and World Vision’s failed accountability”, Australian Jewish News, July 30, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg and Mike Fegelman, Antisemitism and the ‘apartheid’ libel, Post Millennial, (Canada), July 22, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg,20 Years after the UN’s Durban event, the antisemitism continues to grow“, Jerusalem Post, June 24, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, Another “Perfect Storm” in Jerusalem, Jewish Journal, May 12, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “The end of Europe’s romance with Palestinian terror?”, Israel Hayom/JNS, May 9, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Lie that won’t die,” The Jewish Chronicle, April 29, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Human Rights Watch Exploits Its Mission for Hate”, Jewish Journal, April 27, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Human Rights Watch demonizes Israel via propaganda of apartheid”, Jerusalem Post , April 27, 2021

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Gerald M. Steinberg. “What the War Over the IHRA Definition Obscures”Jewish Journal, January 25, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg. Israel isn’t alone in the fight against the ICC“, JNS/Israel Hayom, January 21, 2021