Essays and Opinions: 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg. False Accusations and Ideological Bias:
Amnesty International, Ukraine, and the Illusion of NGO Fact-Finding Expertise
. Quillette August 11 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg and Liora Rosenblatt. The European ties with terror-linked Palestinian NGOs, Jerusalem Post, August 7, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, “1967 to 2022: Ending 55 years of ‘temporary’ drift and chaos Jerusalem Post Magazine, June 10, 2022

Alon Plan, 1967

Gerald M. Steinberg, “German ideologues and the war over Antisemitism“, Times of Israel, May 30, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, After Ken Roth, Can Human Rights Watch Be Repaired?”, Jewish Journal, May 18, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Beyond Russia: Fixing the UN’s human rights farce – opinion” Jerusalem Post, April 10, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, Why Is Blinken Courting NGO Propaganda Superpowers?“, The National Interest, March 30 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Is Putin using Bennett as a mediator for surrender, not peace?Jerusalem Post, March 10, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, ‘‘What Israel Should Learn from Ukraine’s War Jewish Journal  March 4 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, ‘Europe and the ‘Apartheid’ Propaganda War’ Berlin Spectator, February 2, 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, ‘Defunding the NGO Terror-Linked Propaganda Network Jewish Journal  February 2 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg, The Israel-Apartheid Lie: A Brief History – AIJAC Jan 31, 2022