Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg

CV Highlights

  • Israel’s delegate to the IAEA’s academic conferences on a Middle East Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Team leader of Israel at the Polls (1988 to 2005) 
  • Awarded Israel Science Foundation research grant, 2008
  • Member, Israel Council of Foreign Affairs 
  • Israel Higher-Education Council, Committee on Public Policy in 2013 
  • Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism ICCA. 

Steinberg is quoted in the New York Times, interviewed on the BBC, NPR, CNN, CBC and other top media platforms. His op-ed columns are published in the Wall St. JournalFinancial TimesHa’aretzInternational Herald Tribune, Times of IsraelJerusalem Post, and other publications.

Latest media and publications

Gerald M. Steinberg,​ “From Slavery to Freedom: Keeping Israel at the Seder Table“, Jewish Journal, April 12 2022

Gerald M. Steinberg,Willful Blindness on the Palestinian NGO Terror Connection”. Jewish Journal, November 10, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Celebrating” 20 Years Since the UN Durban Hatefest, Jewish Journal, September 7, 2021

Panel – Durban Revisited: Anti-Zionism & Antisemitism: with Ahmed Shaheed, Olga Meshoe Washington, Sherri Mandell, David Michaels. JBS, August 31, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg,20 Years after the UN’s Durban event, the antisemitism continues to grow“, Jerusalem Post, June 24, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Who is watching the human rights watchers?”, Religion and EthicsABC Australia 16 April 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Celebrating 73 Years of Independence“, Jewish Journal, April 16, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Antisemitism: A unique evil that must not be ignored”, Jerusalem Post, April 7, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg Asaf Romirowsky, “The Jerusalem Declaration’s Bogus Definition of Anti-Semitism,” The National Interest, April 5, 2021 Fathom, UK February 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg, “German ‘cultural leaders’ and the anti-anti boycott campaign“, Jerusalem Post, March 1, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg. “A pragmatic peace for Israelis and Palestinians”, Religion News Service, January 28, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg. “What the War Over the IHRA Definition Obscures”, Jewish Journal, January 25, 2021

Gerald M. Steinberg. “Human Rights Watch’s anti-Israel Agenda”, Israel Affairs, 27:1, 2021 pp. 34-56

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Human Rights and Anti-Semitism: Beyond the Partisan Divide“, Newsweek, November 24, 2020

Gerald M. Steinberg, Book Review of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Holocaust: An Endangered Connection” by Johannes Morsink, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, 2021

“Europe and Israel: A dysfunctional relationship”, Podcast, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, September 8, 2020

Gerald M. Steinberg, “Europe’s NGO cold war to ‘mitigate pro-Israel voices’”, Jerusalem Post, July 24, 2020

  • Human Rights, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOS), and Soft Power 
  • Military strategy and arms control (Iran, proliferation, instability)
  • Israeli Democracy and Politics
  • The Changing Nature of Power in International Relations